Interface ResultSet has a method, getMetaData(), that returns an object of named

  • A. SetResultMetaData
  • B. ResultSetMetaData
  • C. ResultGetMetaData
  • D. GetResultMetaData
  • Correct Answer: Option B

In model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, model defines the

  • A. Data-access layer
  • B. Presentation layer
  • C. Business-logic layer
  • D. Interface layer
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Right outer join preserves tuples only in relation named after the

  • A. Right inner join operation
  • B. Right outer join operation
  • C. Left outer join operation
  • D. Left inner join operation
  • Correct Answer: Option B

An SQL view is said to be updatable, if from clause has

  • A. Only 1 database relation
  • B. Only 2 database relation
  • C. Only 3 database relation
  • D. Only 4 database relation
  • Correct Answer: Option A

OLAP systems allows users to view data at any desired

  • A. Process
  • B. Subprocess
  • C. Level
  • D. Function
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Storage manager component is important because

  • A. Entity set
  • B. Relationship set
  • C. Mapping cardinalites
  • D. Storage space
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Generation of finer-granularity from coarse-granularity data is

  • A. Possible
  • B. Not possible
  • C. Simple
  • D. Complex
  • Correct Answer: Option B

Query processor allows database users to have better performance while being able to work at the

  • A. Physical level
  • B. Logical level
  • C. View level
  • D. Virtual level
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Operation of swapping dimensions of a cross-tab is called

  • A. Pivoting
  • B. Slicing
  • C. Dicing
  • D. Drill down
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Any authorization that can be granted to a user can be granted to a

  • A. Schema
  • B. Entity
  • C. Role
  • D. Tuple
  • Correct Answer: Option C