Cached query results can be though of forms of

  • A. Relational views
  • B. Legalized views
  • C. Materialized views
  • D. Logical views
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Concurrency-control schemes are introduced to ensure

  • A. Serializability
  • B. Consistency
  • C. Timeouts
  • D. Locking states
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Process of an E-R design creation tends to generate

  • A. 2NF designs
  • B. 3NF designs
  • C. 4NF designs
  • D. 5NF designs
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Major components involved in a database system are of

  • A. 1 type
  • B. 2 types
  • C. 3 types
  • D. 4 types
  • Correct Answer: Option B

A backup of database is managed periodically by a DB administrator, in form of

  • A. Disks
  • B. Remote servers
  • C. Redundant objects
  • D. Cloning
  • Correct Answer: Option C

Multivalued dependencies helps in elimination of some forms of

  • A. Redundancy
  • B. Isolation
  • C. Atomicity
  • D. Inconsistency
  • Correct Answer: Option A

In an ER data model diagram, primary key columns are highlighted using

  • A. Single Underline
  • B. Double Underline
  • C. Triple Underline
  • D. No Underline
  • Correct Answer: Option B

Functions of applications linked with database systems becomes limited by restrictions of the

  • A. Relational data model
  • B. Entity relationship data model
  • C. Object-based Data model
  • D. Semistructured data model
  • Correct Answer: Option A

For normal execution of a transaction in database application, it becomes necessary to follow

  • A. Consistency
  • B. Inconsistency
  • C. Durability
  • D. Authority
  • Correct Answer: Option B

Basic idea behind design of SQL is

  • A. Relational algebra
  • B. Tuple relational calculus
  • C. Relational integration
  • D. Both A and B
  • Correct Answer: Option D