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To restrict entry into others

When computer processor does not get a data item it requires in cache, then problem is known as

A better measurement of performance of memory-hierarchy is the

64-bit virtual address of AMD64 architecture is mapped onto

Policy for memory hierarchies: L1 data are never found in an L2 cache, refers to

To help operating system estimate LRU, many processors provide a

A small page size will result in less wasted storage when a contiguous region of virtualmemory is not equal in size to a multiple of page size, this unused memory is known as

Significant percentage of spent time in moving data in two levels in memory hierarchy, then memory-hierarchy is said to

Larger cache-size, larger block-size, and higher associativity, refers to the

AMD64 requires that upper 16 bits of virtual address be just sign extension of lower 48 bits, which it calls