Data Communication and Networking has 202 Question/Answers about Topic Data Communication and Networking

ATM wide-area network is an example of

  • A. fixed size framing
  • B. variable size framing
  • C. no framing
  • D. zero size framing
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Each frame in HDLC may contain up to

  • A. three fields
  • B. four fields
  • C. five fields
  • D. six fields
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Protocol that deals with Xerox protocol data packets are called

  • A. Xerox Control Protocol
  • B. Internet Protocol Control Protocol
  • C. OSI Network Layer Control Protocol
  • D. AppleTalk
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Any time an error is detected then specified frames are

  • A. stuffed
  • B. detected
  • C. corrected
  • D. retransmitted
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) has a protocol field value of

  • Correct Answer: Option A

Term that is used to define end of frame and beginning of next frame is called

  • A. byte stuffing
  • B. byte unstuffing
  • C. fixed size framing
  • D. variable size framing
  • Correct Answer: Option D

Error control in data link layer is based on

  • A. automatic repeat request
  • B. manually repeat request
  • C. situation based
  • D. both a and b
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Protocol that is designed for use over dial-up links where verification of user is necessary is

  • A. Authentication Protocol
  • B. Network Control Protocol
  • C. Link Control Protocol
  • D. High-level Data Link Protocol
  • Correct Answer: Option A

Data section of frame has an extra byte is called the

  • A. bit stuffing
  • B. byte stuffing
  • C. escape character
  • D. number stuffing
  • Correct Answer: Option B

Stop and Wait Protocol uses link of

  • A. modulation
  • B. full duplex
  • C. half duplex
  • D. none of above
  • Correct Answer: Option C